Another Skin Tightening Option, Really?

Loose and sagging skin is one of those signs of aging that people don’t really talk about. We have this tendency to focus on the frustrations of fine lines and wrinkles. However, tissue laxity can be one of the most influential aspects of looking older. It is the reason people consider having a facelift or other type of lift, and it is inevitable, so device manufacturers have been hard at work to develop viable solutions. You may have heard of many exciting new skin-tightening treatments in recent years. Is it really necessary to have any more options? Looking at the benefits of Renuvion, we say yes!

Renuvion at a Glance

With age, it is only natural that the skin will become looser and more wrinkled. The reason is because the body doesn’t make the same amounts of collagen throughout adulthood. After age 20, production significantly decreases. Without this protein to firm and thicken the skin, tissue becomes thin, delicate, and saggy, and not only on the face and neck, but across the entire body. 

Renuvion is a collagen-remodeling treatment that works without surgery. It is ideal for adults in the middle of life who are noticing problems like jowls, turkey neck, crepey skin, bat wings, and other concerns.  The way that treatment works is using plasma. Renuvion is also referred to as J Plasma treatment. To tighten the skin, the doctor creates a small entry point in the skin. They insert a small device applicator just beneath the skin, where the probe delivers a mixture of helium gas and radiofrequency waves. This combination creates a plasma arc that is simultaneously heating and cooling that contract the deeper layers of the skin. 

What Makes Renuvion Special?

Is Renuvion really all that different from other nonsurgical skin tightening treatments? Yes. Here’s how:

  • Renuvion doesn’t just focus on the outer layer of the skin’s surface, it delivers energy to deeper tissue for more profound remodeling at the top layer.
  • The provider can see the effects of plasma as treatment is happening. This allows for a great deal of precision. 
  • The use of plasma energy delivers unparalleled efficacy in skin-tightening.
  • Because there is a cooling effect alongside the heating of subcutaneous tissue, patients tolerate treatment and their recovery quite well. Over-the-counter pain relievers may be used afterward to manage minor discomfort. 
  • Renuvion is designed as a one-time treatment. Tissue remodeling can be seen right away, and it continues for several months. 
  • Treatment can be performed on the face or various parts of the body. 

With downtime of just a day or two, Renuvion may be your ideal pre-holiday beauty refresher. Contact our NYC office at (212) 508-0000 to schedule your consultation. 

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