The Right Way to Lift Sagging Breasts

Mastopexy new york city | Luxurgery NYCWhen you visit your family doctor for an annual exam, you may hear about the advantages of healthy diet and exercise to maintain optimal wellness. Sometimes, there are specific benefits associated with certain types of exercise. For instance, working your core can have a positive effect on inhibiting low back problems. You probably wouldn’t hear this from a physician, but some women are led to believe that specific exercises can lift sagging breasts. If you have lost your sense of confidence in your shape due to this common problem, the idea that exercise could be your key to a younger-looking body may be appealing. The truth is, the theory that exercise is a suitable non-surgical breast lift solution is a myth. Here’s why . . .

It’s not about Muscle Tone
The reason that breast lifting with exercise could make sense is because of the location of breast tissue over the pectoral muscles. Consequently, this is exactly the reason why exercise does very little to reposition the breasts on the chest wall. The issue with breast sagging is not that muscle tissue has loosened. Rather, breasts sag largely due to deflation that results when breast tissue decreases. A woman who has gained and lost weight or who has been pregnant and breastfed typically experiences a marked increase in breast size. When weight is lost, breasts deflate; and yet, the overlying skin may not go back to its pre-stretched condition.

The Solution to Better-Looking Breasts
Why spin your wheels if you don’t have to? Exercise is advantageous to your overall health and wellness, and to the shape of your body. When the goal is to restore the perkiness and shapeliness to the breasts, though, your best solution is to schedule breast lift surgery with your trusted cosmetic surgeon. Mastopexy does not necessarily have to involve enlarging the breasts with implants, though breast augmentation can be performed in conjunction with the lift procedure. Mastopexy alone focuses on removing excess skin to reposition breasts higher on the chest. It’s a simple procedure with the potential for beautiful, long-lasting results.

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