What Is CoolSculpting and Does It Work?

CoolSculpting is a procedure that is performed on individuals who have stubborn areas of body fat. This technique is used to smooth out areas that are otherwise not affected by diet and exercise alone. There are many benefits that come with this procedure. With a better understanding of what it is and how it can help, you will be able to determine if it is right for you.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting works by using a hand-held vacuum. The device works by freezing fat cells and permanently destroying them. After receiving treatment, the lymphatic system will process the frozen fat cells and remove them from the body by eliminating them as waste.

Am I a Good Candidate for This Procedure?

This procedure is not designed to help individuals who have a lot of excessive weight achieve significant weight loss. Instead, CoolSculpting is an excellent choice for individuals who have areas of their body with stubborn fat that they are unable to eliminate with diet and exercise.

What Areas Does CoolSculpting Work Best On?

There are several areas where CoolSculpting can make a big difference in the way your body works. Common locations where patients get this treatment include:

  • Thighs: Eliminate fat from either the inner thigh, outer thigh, or both.
  • Abdomen: Create a smooth and flat belly surface within 2-3 treatments.
  • Love Handles: Significantly reduce the size of love handles to fit into smaller pant sizes.
  • Bra Fat: Fat bulges in this area can be difficult to remove with diet and exercise.
  • Lower and Upper Back Fat: Reduce fat from the upper, middle, or lower back area. You can also target the entire region for a flatter appearance.
  • Under the Buttocks: Remove the banana rolls to create a smooth line between the legs and buttocks.
  • Upper Arms: Remove upper arm fat to create visibly toned arms.
  • Under the Jaw: Add more definition to the jawline while creating a more youthful look.
  • Under the Chin: Remove fat bulges and double chins by tightening the skin and creating a more contoured look.

In some cases, patients see results from CoolSculpting in as little as one treatment. However, the specific area of the body and the amount of fat targeting may require more than one treatment to achieve positive results.

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