Get your Holiday Face on While There’s Still Time!

aesthetic concernsThere is nothing like strolling through Central Park as the holiday hustle and bustle fills the city. Getting away from it all for just a few minutes can refresh your tired senses and get you back into the holiday spirit. Another way to make sure you are feeling your best this holiday season is to manage your aesthetic concerns well in advance of those holiday gatherings. Fortunately, there is still time to do just that, and your New York City plastic surgery office, Luxurgery, has ample non-surgical options from which you can choose.

Never let them See you Sweat
The holidays may be joyous, but they can also be fraught with tension. Rather than worry that you will ruin that Little Black Dress with sweat marks, whether from anxiety or from time on the dance floor, deactivate the sweat glands that threaten your groove. Patients who choose MiraDry treatment save themselves from ongoing injections of Botox to stay sweat-free, and they typically achieve permanent results, because the targeted sweat glands are destroyed.

Put on a Happy Face
There may be no easier time of year to put on a happy face than the holiday season. Everywhere we go, we are enticed to remember our child-self, and our innate love of magical seasonal treats. While a smile in and of itself can give you a youthful appearance, the lines around your eyes, nose, and mouth, not to mention the worry lines on your forehead, can be a stark contradiction.

The botulinum toxin has been used for decades to treat muscular disorders and aesthetic complaints related to muscle tension. A short office visit coaxes out a younger you, letting you revel in the holiday festivities without worry about drooping brows or frown lines.

Dermal fillers pick up where neuromodulator solutions leave off. These products, which are largely formulated with hyaluronic acid, can restore definition and volume to your lips, add gorgeous contours to your cheeks and chin, and can even reinstate the angular characteristics to your jaw line.

Luxurgery is also a CoolScupting provider! So if unwanted fat is a concern this holiday season, schedule a session with us two to three weeks prior to your special holiday event.

We wish each of our patients a holiday season filled with beauty.

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